Josue Mutabazi
Josue Mutabazi


I'm a Web Developer and a freelancer


I’m a web developer and a designer. I spend most of my time practicing with new technologies coming to the world today. By imprementing some programming skills that are embodied in me, I use techonologies like JavaScript and its framework known as React Js and PHP for back-end. Also some languages (Java, NodeJs, C & C++, ...)
Nonetheless, I am a Software Engineer by profession!

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Kwibuka 25 - Rwanda
07 - 13 April, 2019

Kwibuka 25 - Rwanda

We're remembering our family members who died in 1994 Tutsi Genocide which took place in Rwanda! Rest In Peace!
We loved you but you're gonne!
We will never forget you!

CMU Toastmasters Club
05 April, 2019

My Icebreaker - YOYO

This is was a very grateful moment in my life where I started a journey as a public speaker! Thank to Techy Talkers Toastmasters.
You Own Your Own (YOYO) by Josue Mutabazi.

ECMAScript - JS
15, Feb 2018

Upcoming changes in JS you'll love!

Each ECMAScript edition goes through a process of vetting proposals. If a proposal is deemed to be useful and backwards compatible, it will be included in the next ...Read more!


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